Recruiting? Search Engines and Social Media can Help

Recruiting? Search Engines and Social Media can Help

One of the biggest challenges in recruiting is ensuring that your job posting is seen by the best candidates for the position. In today’s world, where over 30 million people search for employment using Google each month, employers cannot afford to ignore search engine optimization techniques when writing their job postings.

Search Engine Optimization Vs Paid Ads for Recruiting

Fortune 1000 companies pay Google millions for sponsored listings on the search engine results pages. These companies could get better visibility by using search engine optimization to make their job postings rank in the natural search listings. Natural listings capture more than 75 percent of all search engine traffic, while sponsored ads only attract around 25 percent, which is why it is so important to optimize jobs effectively.

Social Media

According to a survey of over 1,000 companies, 92 percent of employers planned to use social media for recruiting in 2012. Most recruiters find that the most useful social network for recruiting is LinkedIn, which is designed to connect professionals with relevant recruiters. A 2013 survey of 1,276 job seekers revealed that 93 percent of job seekers use LinkedIn to search for a new job.

Some recruiters are also using Facebook Ads to promote job opportunities to people who are interested in their brand. Having an active presence on popular social networks can increase the brand’s visibility in general, which increases the possibility that professionals will think of that company when they are looking for a new position. Many human resources recruiters also use the content they post on social media to show how great their company is to work for. Social media is the best way to build lasting relationships with both customers and potential employees, as they provide a platform that can regularly put the brand’s content in front of interested readers.

Mobile Recruiting

More than 10.9 million job seekers used their mobile device to search for a job in August 2013. Mobile job searches made up nearly one-third of total Google searches for jobs, which means that recruiters can’t afford to ignore the new mobile recruiting trend. Search engine optimization can put job listings in front of mobile job searchers, but if the website does not deliver a good user experience for mobile users, job seekers will simply bounce away from the site without finding the information they need to apply.