Mobile Recruiting to Attract the Best Talent

Why Mobile Recruiting Is the Future of Job Search

What don’t we do on our smartphones? If you want to attract the best talent, you want to be where they’re looking. Mobile recruiting is the future – here’s why.

Mobile is transforming every aspect of business. One booming area of innovation that many companies are just beginning to take advantage of is mobile recruiting.

Is it hard for your organization to find applicants with the right skills to fill your positions?

Does hiring take more time and investment than you believe it should?

Are job boards catching the best potential candidates, placing your listings in competition with hundreds of other employers?

If you answered “yes” to the above, you’re not alone.

In a job market that’s increasingly overloaded with information, it’s becoming challenging for companies to get their job listings across to the right people.

That’s why mobile recruiting is the future of job search.

Mobile recruiting is more than simply posting ads on the common job sites. It’s a holistic strategy for marketing your openings in such a way that they cut through the noise.

The goal of mobile recruiting is to make your online presence more visible on the job market. That means reducing your reliance on the job sites and leveraging your own website.

Businesses that make mobile recruiting an integral part of their hiring strategy create channels through which the strongest employees find them.

Here’s why you need to start focusing on mobile recruiting now–and how to do it right.

Companies That Don’t Use Mobile Aren’t Found

The tide of internet browsing has turned in favor of mobile.

Millenials are becoming the basis of new recruitment. Sixty-seven percent of them regularly use a combination of desktop and mobile. Eighteen percent of this group only uses mobile devices for browsing.

The user experience between mobile and desktop is very different. Maintaining a competitive presence on mobile requires a dedicated strategy.

If you don’t make mobile recruiting a priority, your listings’ visibility will fall behind those of your competitors.

Mobile Recruiting Facilitates Communication

Mobile recruiting is more efficient and convenient for everyone involved. As a recruiter, it makes your job easier.

With online recruiting assets, you can capture applications and contact information with ease. Strategically placing contact forms and buttons makes candidates more likely to reach out.

The beauty of mobile recruiting is the way it syncs email, social media, and phone.

Once you have an applicant’s phone number in your database, you can easily contact with a text message. People are far more likely to open a text than an email.

Good Mobile Experience Wins Over Applicants

If your take mobile recruiting seriously, job applicants will take your company seriously.

By creating a good user experience, job searchers are more likely to apply. Companies with low-quality mobile platforms dissuade job searchers. They go look elsewhere.

How to do Mobile Recruiting Effectively

Once you know the place of mobile in your recruiting efforts, you can take these steps to get more out of your investment.

Enable Professional Profile Integration

Make everyone’s lives easier by allowing applicants to upload their work history and credentials directly from professional sites like LinkedIn.

This saves your applicants time. By making the application process easier, you make it more likely that they’ll complete it. This keeps them from going to your competitors’ sites.

Create Landing Pages

These are pages designed to make specific pitches to the applicants who match your job requirements.

A landing page is elegantly designed and features call to action that takes your visitor to the next step in the application process.

Simplify the Application Process

The more clicks it takes for a person to get to your application page, the higher the chance of them navigating away.

You want someone to be able to get your application area with a single click. Remove unnecessary step and simplify!

Do SEO for your Job Pages

There’s a reason companies find themselves dependent on job boards to get their positions in front of job seekers. It’s because these job boards control the top search engine rankings.

When using a search engine like Google, people naturally first click on the top results. If they search for a job in finance, the top results are probably the major job boards’ listings.

To really distinguish yourself, employ the assistance of your digital marketing department. Together, apply the techniques of search engine optimization to your jobs pages.

Once you get your jobs ranking higher, you become the first option for the highest quality applicants.

List the Information Applicants Want to Know

Trafficking lots of people to your landing pages will do you no good if you’re not able to convert the into applicants.

What is key to getting people to apply is supplying them with the specific information they want.

Job seekers are interested in company benefits, compensation, work environment, company culture.

If you want to attract the best, you have to offer them the opportunity to work with the best.

Spruce up your careers page with pictures of your team, raving employee reviews, and descriptions of all the perks.

If you want to go a step beyond, make a video showcasing your company. You want to make working at your organization as desirable as possible.

Use Automated Text Messages

What makes mobile so useful is the ability to combine phone and internet features.

Capture phone numbers on your website. Then leverage them.

Send out text messages to acknowledge the receipt of their application. That simple act of courtesy improves the likelihood that the applicant will accept a job at your company.

Send reminders about their interview date and time. You can make them feel more comfortable by letting them know the names of the people on the hiring panel.


Mobile recruiting makes hiring faster and more efficient. It allows you to keep up with changing job searching habits, keeping you competitive.

With a sound mobile recruiting strategy, you can increase your visibility, making you the first choice for highly qualified applicants.

Doing mobile recruiting right involves:

  • Creating landing pages
  • Simplifying the application process
  • Listing relevant information
  • Making your company alluring
  • Doing SEO for your landing pages

By following these principles, you will be overflowing with applications from the best people for your job.